Sunday, December 6, 2015

One Stock And Movie I Am Determined To Check Out/Watch In December 2015

We are officially into the most celebrated season of the year and many of my friends and colleagues are clearing their leaves and enjoying the season by travelling. This year, I choose to stay in Singapore during the month of December and will start my travelling plan only early next year. In any case, we can already feel the festive mood at home with the elaborate Christmas decoration everywhere. 

Sorry that I missed the November post for this blog series due to my work schedule (ok ok, partly also due to my laziness too, no excuse), I will try my best to make this a monthly blog series. Just for the record, last month (November), I've watched Spectre (James Bond) and Our Times, 我的少女时代 (Chinese movie from Taiwan).   

This month, I determined to check out/watch the following stock/movie :

STOCK/REIT : Cache Logistic Trust (K2LU.SI)
I am a believer in REITS investment (click here and here for my earlier posts on REITS in general) but so far only managed to accumulate Lippo Mall in my portfolio. In view of the recent lacklustre performance of the REITS in general, I am in the phase of closely monitoring on selected REITS before taking the plunge. One of the REITS that I am checking out now is Cache Logistic Trust, an industrial trust with strong dividend yield history (> 8% since 2011) and steady financial health.

Cache Logistic Trust - Dividend Yield History (source :
Even though its Gearing Ratio of 38% is on a bit of the high side but with its current price of SGD 0.91, it is trading at P/B Ratio of 94.2%, which make it a possible candidate as my REITS portfolio.

MOVIE : Star Wars The Force Awakens
I don't think many people will disagree with me if I said Star Wars The Force Awakens is the MOST anticipated movie of the year! There were so much buzz created around the online arena just purely from the trailer(s) alone. The most clever part of the trailer is it shows enough to entice the fans but not enough to know what's going on?

I've already made an advanced booking for a movie date with my wife (in IMAX 3D) and am really looking forward to it.    

If you have not check out the trailer, for whatever reason, check them out here:

Click for more details : You Could Be NEXT!


  1. Hi Richard

    Wow, you're fast in booking your appointment for the movie!!!

    And I get the feeling that you are more excited anticipating the movie than entering into the position for Cache. Hahahaa just kidding :)

    1. B : you are spot on! Hahaha.. In fact, most better seats already fully booked even before my booking.. It shows that it will be a blast!

  2. Uncle Rich! 35% is the avg gearing for REITS listed in sg , but for cache a slightly higher gearing is still manageable for them as they don't have any refinancing requirement till oct 2017 , also their sponsor relationship sounds sound. Ah boy is looking at SGD 0.85 for a small nibble though.

    On another note , movie review after you finish the movie ah!

    Ah boy

    1. Ah boy : ya, I am aware of the average gearing ratio. SGD 0.85 seems like need to wait for awhile more!

      As for the movie review, stay tuned for my fb update ;-)

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