Saturday, January 9, 2016

3 Things I Would Not Do At The Current Volatile Market

Time flies, we are already at the end of the first working week of 2016 and WHAT a week! Amidst the double digits drop (11.4%) of STI in 2015, we managed to amassed another 4.78% drop in the first trading week alone (from 2,889.23 to 2,751.23). Phew...

As many investment gurus would say, we are all seems to be "genius" in the bull run, but it is during the volatile and turbulent time like this that will determine who are the true investors. 

For me, I am still in the infancy stage of my investment journey and am far far far away from being a true investors, however, following are the 5 things that I promised myself NOT to do at the moment:

I might not have a size-able portfolio and the overall performance of my minion size portfolio is in double digits red now, but quitting the "game" has never come to mind ever since I started last year. I am from IT background and Accounting/Finance is never my thing but there are much to learn from this journey alone. So, I will sure to stick around as long as possible.  

There are many ways to Rome and countless investment vehicles that we can use, for me, equities/stocks are still something that I can relate more to, as compared to Forex, Options, Futures, Silver or Gold etc.. Of course, to each its own, different people excel in different ways, for example, one of the interviewee (Ezekiel) that featured in my "Interview With Fellow Investors" series has a successful venture in FOREX and his Forex Seminar and Online Education Program (Asia Forex Mentor) seems to be well received by the participants.  
Investing on other people's money has never come into my mind and never will. At the current bear market, most stocks would seems to be under-valued and attractive, so the thought of leverage might come into your mind. However, in order to sleep well at night, my advise is NO-NO!

So, what are the things that you WOULD NOT do (in our investment journey) at the moment? 



  1. Hi Richard

    Good 3 points there.

    I'll probably do the same as well and panic at worst time. As investors, I think we should always be prepared for such a scenario so that when the fan hits us, it would not look as bad as if we didn't prepare.

    1. Hi B : Thanks. Indeed! But can I choose to be hit by broom and not fan? lol

  2. Hi Richard,

    it's not so bad when u know it was bad. It's really bad when u do not do anything to anticipate how bad it is really going to, even if it will not eventually turn out bad for some reasons.

    So kudos to having action plan to anticipate!

    1. Rolf : Thanks for the cryptic comment and all the best in your investment journey! Cheers!

  3. It's only get really bad if we are in 2008 level. We are only scare now. :)

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