Monday, January 11, 2016

4 Things To Focus On Now, Other Than The Market Turmoil

Are we at the bear market now? Yes! We are (at least that's what the paper said). Besides, the worst might not be here yet ;-)

What are we supposed to do now? Keep calm and keep going (at least that's what I am doing now)!

Amidst the market turmoil (in general), what should we do to divert our attention and pay more focus on other stuffs, other than market sentiment or glued to the stocks/STI charts? 

Here are some of the options that I can think of:

1. Exercise - No more excuses, start the ball rolling by resuming your own exercise regime (whatever it is). Take me for example, I am back to my weekly soccer game exercise and will do more cycling at the park. Just yesterday, I did an impromptu fun-xercise by cycling from East Coast Park to Gardens By The Bay in 25 minutes. It was a fun ride! It was hot and sticky, but fun!  

2. Read - As the Chinese saying goes, 书中自有黃金屋, roughly translated into : you can always find some treasure from a book. Currently, I am reading a number of books concurrently and two of the more noticeable ones are The Five Rules For Successful Stock Investment (by Pat Dorsey) and Rosie Project (by Graeme Simsion). You can always pick up one or two books of your choice from National Library and let the author(s) lead you to his/her kingdom of imagination.  

3. Relationship - Just like in business, we need to maintain our relationship (any kind of relationships) on an on-going basis. Do you noticed that, at times, we are treating acquaintances or colleagues better than our own family members or loved ones? Why is that so? I guess it voice down to the issue of "take things for granted". Do you say thank you, sorry etc. often enough to them? Maybe you should start now. A good relationship starts with give and take And respect!

4. Smile - Many people asked me why I always put on a smiling face and never see me angry or sad? The secret is : I am actually a robot programmed with only the smiley face facial expression! lol 
Joke aside, my usual answers to them are : 
a. If you can smile, why put on a sour face? Or
b. It doesn't solve any problem by maintaining a negative energy Or
c. Either way (happy or sad), you need to go through it, it is part and parcel of life! So why bother killing your brain cells by drilling into the negativity so much? 

So, what will you be focusing on now, other than the market sentiment?



  1. Hi Richard,

    There's a book two called Rosie effect. Not too good, so can skip that haha

    I highly recommend "A man called Ove" by Fredrik Backman. Very heart warming kind of novel.

    1. LP : ya, I think you told me before about the less interesting second book, will skip that. Will check out the other recommended book!

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