Thursday, January 14, 2016

7 Powerful Financial Principles

Being an avid reader (even though a slow one), visiting bookstores and libraries are my regular pastimes. Two weeks ago, went to the newly refurbished White Sands Mall's library and managed to grab a couple of books. One of them is personal finance related book and I am currently still reading it : Reset Your Barcode - Five Steps To A Financial Reset (by Marvin Reynolds).  

It is a simple book filled with some insightful financial principles and how we can or should work around these principles. Out of the 14 financial principles listed in the book, following are the 7 of them which I thought are very powerful :
1. Wealth Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed, It Already exists! 
2. Giving Generate Wealth. 
3. You Cannot Spend Your Way To Prosperity. 
4. You Cannot Treat All Dollars The Same. 
5. Money Doesn't Change People. It Exposes Their Values. 
6. Money Doesn't Buy Happiness. It Buys Options. 
7. Money Is Subject To The "Law Of Harvest".  
Amidst the current gloomy global market sentiment, I think it is important to revisit some of the principles (law of nature) that we might have conveniently omitted/forgotten. 

Personally, I can relate to all of these principles and need to work harder on item 3 (read : I am not frugal enough ;-)). What about you, which are the principles that you can relate more to?


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  1. Because of posts like this I surf the internet and when I found you, the time I felt I was wasting, just turned my thoughts around and now I am thinking I invested my time in something really interesting.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and comment!

    2. LP : now that you mentioned, it sure looks like a robot but at least a attract a real person to comment here now! Hehe

  2. Thank you for your financial principles list!


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