Sunday, January 17, 2016

One Financial Lesson I've Learnt From Motorshow 2016

Motorshow 2016
Yesterday, accompany my friend to the Motorshow 2016, Singapore. As I am not a car-lover (in fact, buying a car has never crossed my mind as I find that driving is a taxing activity, I know many will disagree with me, but that's just me). This also explain why this is my first time going to a car-related exhibitions. 

In fact, I find that Car show is kind of similar to any of the PC/IT show around with the added attraction of attractive car-models (I wonder whether that's the reason why we need to pay for the entrance for the car show and not the PC/IT show, like co-share their pay?). 

In any case, we still stroll around the exhibition hall from one end to the other end. With the help of my car-enthusiast friend, I do learn a little bit more about the models of the cars and their strengths and weaknesses etc.. (by the way, I am talking about the real metal-piece car models and not the pretty/handsome human car models ya!)

From this short outing alone, I've learnt one financial lesson and that is : 
Regardless of how bad (or bear) the financial market is, there are still people looking to buy/invest in new/used cars. Just like in the equity market, regardless of how bad is the sentiment (grizzly bear or koala bear), there ARE still people wanting to buy shares. So, let's keep the spirit up and hang it there!
In anticipation of the potential upcoming bloodshed tomorrow (18/01/2016) morning, my stand is : Whatever goes up will come down and whatever comes down will go up, that's the law of the nature. The only question is when and I am sure no one has the answer now! So, for the time being, let's keep going and keep smiling ;-)



  1. The stock market is weird. One buys, another one sells, someone waits and all three think that they are smart.

    1. Cw8888 : indeed! So which one r u during this period? Sell, wait or buy? Lol

  2. Can start buying a bit a bit and if war chest enough spread out over 2 years. Choose good quality well-run companies that earn consistently and give good dividends and that are not likely to be disrupted by new technologies etc.
    If willing to wait for 5 to 10 years, sure earn.

    1. Agreed! If we are having a longer term investment horizon (in terms of years), we will sure to bounce back one day ;-)

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