Thursday, January 21, 2016

Promoting your Business with Flyers: The 5 Golden Rules (Guest Post)

flyers marketing
Using flyers to promote your business can be an effective marketing medium. They are small, simple and can cost very little. Furthermore, they can be used to target a huge community quite easily. However, there are five golden rules that need to be remembered in order to maximize flyer effectiveness.

Short is Good

A flyer with as little irrelevant information is ideal. People do not want to read numerous lines of information just to know what your business is about. Always keep it short and simple. Use bold headings, bullet points, increased fonts on certain words, etc.

The simpler your flyer is, the more likely it will be read. All you have to be is clear and concise.

Target those who will Care

You could put up flyers everywhere. You could give them out by the hundreds at random events. However, such measures are a waste. If you sell car parts, target people who modify their cars, have damaged cars, cars that need upgrades, etc. By targeting your niche, you will significantly increase your chances of promoting your business. 

Distribute them where it Counts

If you run a car parts business, don’t distribute your flyers at a dog training school. Distribute your flyers at a race track, in parking lots, near mechanics, etc. By doing so, you will increase the chances of targeting your niche and hence promoting your business.

Include your Links

In this day and age, it is vital to have your own website, blog and social media page(s). Such extensions help improve your business drastically. In this modern era, without any one of the three, your business won’t go far.

If you have such e-links, make sure they are on your flyer. In big bold letters, make sure your website, social media and blog links are included. If a reader doesn’t call you, they will surely visit your website.

Incentive to Call/Visit

One of the greatest marketing techniques applied to flyers is that of incentive. If you give people a reason to call you or visit your site, they will do so. If you give a heavy discount to the first 100 callers, people will call. If you give a promotion code that people can use on your website, they will come.

It does not matter how big your business is or whether it is land-based or online, following the above 5 golden rules will make flyers more effective than you ever thought possible. Used effectively, flyers are a great way for new businesses to get their feet off the ground in a very short amount of time.

Eva has been helping small businesses with promotional activities for the last 3 years through Custom Gear, one of the fastest growing branding companies in Australia.


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