Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Suicide Squad's Latest Trailer Is As Exciting As Our STI Index

Suicide Squad Movie Poster
If you have not already know, STI dropped around 3% today (20/01/2016) and there is no sight of recovery anytime soon. It also means that, year-to-date, STI has dropped a whopping  11.4% just within a span of 2-plus-weeks (from 2,889.23 to 2,559.77). It is a nail-biting period for some and opportunity period for the others. Whichever side you are at, it is definitely an "exciting" period. 

Talking about exciting, today, Warner Bros. Pictures has released the latest Suicide Squad trailer, which is equally exciting and badass. This one of its kind superheroes (or should I said supervillains) movie has all the ingredients to be a great blockbuster movie. But you still need to wait for awhile as it will only be released in August 2016. Meanwhile, check out the awesome latest trailer below :

I especially like the last scene of the trailer whereby Harley Quinn (by Margot Robbie) said disdainfully, "We are bad guys, that's what we do!" (I like her matter-of-factly expression!!)

If you replace "bad guys" with "investors", it will read something like this : "We are investors, that's what we do!". So, what would you during this volatile market period? To hold, to sell or to buy?

For me, I am still sleep soundly at night and I will hold on a little bit longer... ;-)



  1. This trailer much better than other new superheroes movies I am truly waiting for this movie and I am decide watching this movie with my friends. Harley Quinn Jacket Hoodie at Instylejackets

    1. Juan : Indeed! I am looking forward to it, but before that I will sure to catch the Deadpool first ;-)

  2. Suicide squad's popularity has made their novelty items more popular among the kids.

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