Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weekend Sharing - Will The Market Continue To Rebound Next Week?

If you have not already know, there was a slight rebound in the global market yesterday (Friday, 22/01/2016) and following are some of the snapshots :

STI up 1.75% (44.39) to 2,577.09

Down Jones up 1.33% (210.83) to 16,093.51

Crude Oil crossed the $32 support line and closed at $32.19

The question is whether the upward trends will continue next week or the weeks to come? 

Of course, the correct model answer is : No one will know for sure! Having said that, at the back of China's market-stabilising measure of implementing a reserve requirement ratio (RRR) on offshore banks' domestic deposits as of Jan. 25, I think it is quite likely that STI will be in the green zone on Monday (25/01/2016). Note : This personal prediction is just for fun, please do you own due diligent

Whatever the market sentiment is comes next week, it might not be that important to most value investors (traders might be different story), life goes on as short term market volatility is here to stay. Before I part, just like to share my random thought below :

Do you think the STI will be in green zone on next Monday? 



  1. Hi Richard,

    I like the phrases in the pic. Very meaningful.

    Not sure about green or red on Monday, but one thing for sure is I need to go to office and will be extremely busy.


    And anything I m sure on coming Mon, is even if the market is green, overall portfolio is still red!

    1. Hi Rolf, thanks for the kind words, just a random thought of mine.

      I guess majority of our portfolio will still be in the red for quite awhile still lol

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