Saturday, February 13, 2016

This Will Be My Last Post...........For The Month!

Yes, this will be my last post.... for the month. 

In about 10 hours time, I will be on the plane heading to Australia/New Zealand for my first of the year.  There will be many first in this upcoming trip, to name just a few :

1. First time going to stay in Airbnb accommodation (click here for my earlier post about part 1 of my Airbnb experience and stay tuned for the part 2).

2. This will be our first time visiting New Zealand (free and easy). As we will be spending only 5 days there, hence, we will be covering only the attractions at or nearby Auckland. 

3. This will be my first time visiting the actual movie shooting location ("The Hobbiton" for The Lord Of The Ring and The Hobbit Trilogies). PRECIOUSSS.....

I will be back... Till then...


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