Sunday, March 20, 2016

An Email To The Future Me

I assumed that we are all working extra hard (or smart) NOW with the intention to provide for the FUTURE (either our future or the future of our loved ones). Be it in your desired career path, your health/fitness or your financial status (the famous "Financial Independence' status among the financial bloggers), we know that we need to take control of our desired path now or else we will loss control in our future. If that's not the case, many of us will be living in YOLO (You Only Live Once) mode all the time (note : I am not saying that YOLO is bad). 

Of course, future is in no existence yet and hence there is no guarantee when we talk about future (regardless of how hard or smart are you now), I like to rehash the idea of "You never know which one will come first, tomorrow or death" but also mindful of an effective advertising slogan from NTUC Income "How The Future You Thanks You!". So, there is a need to strike a balance here, while we are trying to live to the fullest NOW, we also need to plan for the FUTURE. 

Inspired by a book that I am currently reading, The Productivity Project - Proven Ways To Become More Awesome (by Chris Bailey), I started to make use of a site called to send email to the future me. Basically, it is a self-reminder to myself in the future, I am pretty sure that I will forget about this email down the road but hope that when I received the email later in the future, I can proudly checked all the items that I told the future me to do!

Now, maybe it's your time to "talk" to your future self too? 


1 comment:

  1. Great idea to send yourself reminder for a future you plan for.
    No matter what, always better to plan ahead.

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