Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why You Should Not Trust Movie Critics And Brokers Recommendation 100%

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice
At the moment, the most talked about movie in town (in fact, internationally) is non other than the much anticipated superhero movie, Batman vs Superman - Dawn Of Justice (BvS). Two iconic superheros battle it out on big screen and they throw in Wonder Woman as well, what else can go wrong, right? According to the review of most critics in US as well as local, it can go really wrong. Or is it? 

Personally, I've not watched the movie yet and will have my own verdict only after I watch it tonight. For me, movie critics is liken to the brokers' recommendation (of stocks), we should not relying on them 100%. 

Why? Here are my 3 main reasons why we should not trust movie critics or brokers recommendation 100%:

1. Everyone's assumption/expectation of the movie/stock are different. For example, if you are an hardcore DC Comic fan, you might like the movie to the max (just like some of my friends cannot stand Man Of Steel but personally I loved it). Same thing for the stock, you might see some value/catalyst in it that others failed to spot. 

2. If you are a movie fan (especially superheroes movie fan in this instance), you will be focusing on enjoying every unique movie going experience instead of nitpicking every single flaw of a movie. Which movie doesn't has flaw? Which stock is perfect? To me, BvS is like a blue chip stock, regardless of whether you like it or not, it will still make a blast in the box office, which is more important than the subjective movie critics. 

3. Movie Critics and Brokers Recommendation are biased (most of the time). It could be because the movie goers have been treated with very entertaining Marvels superheroes adaptation for the past few years and the recent kick-ass Deadpool surprise, they are expecting the similar kind of entertainment value from BvS.  Just like in stocks, can you expect every blue chips to give you 7% returns? Even then, you still keep it, why? Because you see the potential in it!     

Please note that I am not defending BvS as I have not watched it yet and ultimately I might be having the same conclusion as most movie critics. However, I am a true believer of SEEING IS BELIEVING and I rather experience it myself and make my own judgment.

Have you watched BvS? If yes, what is your personal review? If no, would you be watching it?



  1. DYODD is always the keyword.
    Movie critics or brokers recommendation serves as the first filtering criteria when you decide which movie to watch or which stock to look into, as it is not possible for you to watch all the movies or look into all the stocks yourselves... and even if you managed to watch all the movies and shared your critics with others, same rule applies.

    1. Good observation! But if relying too much on such critics/recommendation, you might missed some gems :-)

  2. I am fan since young and then influence my two sons. When they were kids, they have Batman and Superman T-shirts. LOL!

    1. CW8888 : So are you pro Batman or Superman? lol


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