Thursday, April 28, 2016

BATTLE : Aims Amp Capital Reit vs SoilBuild Reit

At the moment, the most talked about movie is Captain America - Civil War (by the way, if you are watching the movie, which you should, do take note that there are 2 after credit scenes!). The theme of this sequel is on the war between two superhero teams (Ironman vs Captain America). 

So what is this blockbuster movie got to do with this post?

Recently, there are two industry/business REITS constantly  pop-up in the group chat with a couple of my financial blogger friends (actually, these are the "KT" [Kang Tao], aka lobang in Hokkien, shared by them) : Aims Amp Capital Industrial REIT vs Soilbuild REIT. On first glance, it seems that both of them are equally promising (from dividend yield perspective), however, if you can only choose one to invest, which one would you choose? With this question in mind, it inspired me to come out with a Civil War style comparison. 

I've hand-picked 10 parameters that I personally interested to evaluate and put them side by side to FACE OFF. 

The result is as per following :

So, who is the winner? Team AA (Iron Man) or Team SoilBuild (Captain America)? 

Going by the above comparison, it seems that Team SoilBuild (Captain America) has an upper hand!


DYODD (Do Your Own Due Diligent)


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