Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Inexpensive Ways To Promote A Product Launch (Guest Post)

So, you're convinced your brand new product is the best thing since sliced bread. A word of caution. Even if it is, promoting it successfully through to product launch is never easy. Simply making current and potential customers aware of the existence of your new offering is tricky enough, let alone getting them to try it!
If you want your product launch to achieve the results you know it deserves, a thorough and detailed marketing strategy is a must. Of course, you'll have a budget. And it probably won't be as large as you'd ideally like.
Thankfully, there are ways even the smallest of businesses can get noticed via their promotional activity, without breaking the bank.
Check out these five inexpensive, effective and creative ways you can make your product promotional campaign as strong as possible:

1. Check Out Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo are a great way to get your product noticed prior to launch. A crowdfunding campaign, when run well, can also attract generous financial support to further aid product development. Before running a crowdfunding campaign, you should survey customers to ascertain whether they are open to the new platform. Typically, once a campaign is up and running, supporters can pledge differing amounts of cash in exchange for either the product you are launching itself, or for token items, which is where a selection of well-thought out promotional products in line with your brand can be of great benefit. Offer your customers something fun and useful with your logo printed on it; this could be just about anything from BBQ tools to a shopping bag, cool keyring or coffee thermos.

2. Social Media Teaser

You'd be stupid not to get your product launch some traction via social media. Facebook and Instagram are great places to start. A 'teaser' campaign doesn't require you to have all product details finalised from the get go, simply utilize the campaign to provide your social audience with creative and fun updates as you go through the development process. Remember, image and video updates are key. You can also run giveaways or competitions, where people who share or 'like' the page can win prizes, such as branded promotional products.

3. Find Cheap Creative Talent Online

Advertising is awesome, but creating ads can be very, very expensive if you go down the traditional route. If you're on a tight budget it's well worth considering hiring creative talent online. Online freelancers can produce ads that are excellent value for money. Try sites like, on which you can search for freelancers with excellent feedback, willing to complete an ad for you for as little as... a fiver!

4. Get Influencers To Talk And Share

If you can get the backing of someone in your field who's considered a “digital influencer”, your promotional campaign will gain a whole lot of strength and credibility. Influencers are well-respected figures within your target market with a significant online following. Get them to endorse or recommend your product, and you'll find their fans or subscribers will get behind it, too.

5. Be loud, and proud

Don't just rely on your salespeople to talk up the new product. Brief ALL staff, and encourage them to tell everyone they know about the new launch. Get them to talk it up via their own social media networks. Create a press release and send it to appropriate on and offline media in good time, following it up with phone calls to each media outlet. Make use of your customer database to send emails about the promotion to your regular customer base. And offer them rewards, such as free promotional products, for referrals.
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  1. Great post. Promotional products are used increasingly by a number of businesses and enterprises to spread word about their products and services and also to increase brand visibility.

    1. Jasmine : thanks for dropping by and comment! Indeed!


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