Sunday, May 22, 2016

Financial Bloggers Unite - Bonding Time

Two years plus ago when I started this blog (in 2014), the main purpose is to share my shares investing journey and along the way hope to get to know some like-minded peer retail investors. But what I didn't see it coming is managed to strike some great friendship with a small group of fellow retail investors. Some of them are quite well established many moons before me... Even though I am the most senior (in terms of age) among the group. 

Yesterday, a bunch of us have a great gathering at the place of one financial blogger. Even though it is just a few hours, we totally immersed ourselves with the food and chit-chatting (and swimming for one, which I will not disclose the name ;-)). Mind you, we don't always talk shares or investment, the topics are widely spread, ranging from property to airbnb to tuition to dancing and even the speedo swimming trunk (last one is a classic) lol

This being the second round of our bigger group gathering and hope more such "AGM" sessions will be held soon...Financial Bloggers Unite!!!

Such bonding will stay with me for a very long while....



  1. Many faces in the photo I have met them before.

    Okay. Let you win and be the most senior! :-)

    1. Cw8888 : hahaha, maybe you can join us next time so that I can be temporarily out of the "most senior" loop! Lol

  2. Great bonding session Richard.

    Agree it is often not the end but the journey itself, especially within human touch

  3. Hi Richard and B,

    Great stuffs. Great initiative. Can see the enjoyment in everyone!

    1. Hi Rolf,

      Thanks for dropping by and comment. Yup! We have great time there...

  4. Hi Richard

    It is my pleasure to walk this journey with these friends.

  5. Hi

    Its always great when like-minded people gather.


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