Tuesday, May 10, 2016

From Thinking To Unthinking - What Do You Think?

Recently, has been busier with work and hence my blog post frequency is getting affected too. Having said that, I am still targeting to get out at least 2 blog posts per week. Today, thinking of writing something outside the theme of my blog i.e. non investment related, so decided to write something about "thinking".

Personally, I usually do quite a fair bit of thinking before taking any action (and sometimes inaction, as a result). At times, I am guilty of over-thinking and hence becomes less "aggressive" in what I am supposed to do (that explains why I started late in the investing journey as well as not that active in trading). 

Of course, thinking alone will bring us nowhere but for me, I rather spend more time in the thinking process rather than regretting at the later stage. In short, I am a T.P.A person:

Think ---> Plan --> Action   

Coincidentally, I am currently reading a book called Unthinking - The surprising forces behind what we buy by Harry Beckwith. It is not a personal finance book, it is more related to selling or marketing. Basically, it try to pinpoint some of the major influences that shape out unconscious decision (knowingly or unknowingly). For example, how the marketers/advertisers are cleverly making use of play (or gamification), surprises and stories to influence the consumers and most of the time, we took the bait. 

So, the next question worth pondering : Is unthinking process important? By unthinking I meant following your subconscious mind a.k.a follow your heart. For me, the answer is YES, especially when come to the relationship matter. 

To close off this thinking/unthinking chapter, let me share with you a meaningful quotes/photo: 
"Follow your heart but take your brain with you"
What do you think?



  1. Hi Richard

    Sounds like an interesting book. Hope there isnt as much selling as you mention that its a marketing book.

    I like to dethink once in a while, just keep the mind free and let the brain rest and go with the flow to make the decision.

    1. Hi B : The book is quite an easy and interesting read. Learning more about subconscious mind of the consumer i.e. why we buy what we buy? ;-)

      Ya, I think unthinking is important once in a while!



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