Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Euro 2016 Caused The Double Digits Drop In SGX Trading Volumes In The Past 2 Days?

At the time of my writing, the Euro 2016 match between Russia and Slovakia is on-going and Slovakia is leading by 2-0 at the moment. Being a soccer fan myself, this set me thinking on whether the kick-off of world's most beautiful sport has much impact to our local SGX trading volumes as well as values? If yes, how great is the impact? 

So, decided to do a simple compilation of the brief stats (source of date : SGX website) and following is my initial findings :

SGX Trading Volume and Values For The Past 2 Days
In both trading volumes and values, there are double digits drops! Of course, I am not saying that all the drops are caused by Euro 2016 but I do believed that it does play a key part to it. 

In case you are not aware, Euro 2016 (at France) is a one-month event starting from 10th June 2016 to 10th July 2016 and almost everyday there are games at 9 PM, 12 AM and 3 AM Singapore time. As the saying goes, sleepy man is an angry man (even more so if your favorite team loss) and investing might not be the top priority of the sleepy/angry man! lol 

Are you a soccer fan and following the Euro 2016? If yes, do you see any change in your pattern of your investing/trading? 



  1. Hi Richard,

    I am one of them. Not that I trade regularly, but rather my energy is much more focus on the Euro than SGX...

    But I feel its a good distraction - since its not good to monitor your portfolio everyday.

    Oh ya..for a moment, I even forget Brexit is occurring on 23 Jun.

    Maybe I am more concern/hoping that England exit euros... haha


    1. T.U.B : Hahaha, you might be disappointed that England is topping the chart now ;-) I am England fan by the way hehe

  2. Buy on fear when british exit. Watching sti to go below 2700 Great Singapore sale around 2620-2700 and long bank, good counter to rebalance your portfolio as there is window dressing at the end of the month.. Just waiting patiently

    1. Newbie : Hahaha, just get ready the war chest to qiong soon?


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