Thursday, July 7, 2016

Advancer Global - Trying my luck on the second IPO

For the past few weeks/days, one of the hottest topic in the local market I believed is about the upcoming IPO - Advancer Global Ltd. Offering at SGD0.22 a piece and tt will start trading on 11th Jul 2016, Monday (9 AM). 

After successfully gotten my minion maiden IPO shares of Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust (FLT) a couple of weeks ago and further inspired by the blog posts by my friends (B from A Path To Forever Financial Freedom and Derek from The Finance), I decided to try my hand again on this upcoming IPO. 

As usual, since I am an "ikan bilis" retail investor, just trying my luck with 10,000 shares. Why 10,000 shares? As per the research by Derek, "10 to 49" and "100 to 499" have the highest percentage of shares allocation. ;-)

Oh by the way, according to our Mr IPO, Advancer Global Ltd entitled to 3 chilli rating, which is above average rating. 

Let's see how far my luck can bring me this time round ;-)



  1. good luck. Will be tough to get :)

    1. Mr. IPO : Yup! Expected it to be over-subscribed multi-fold and really depend on luck. All the best to you too ;-)

  2. Hope you will out grown IPO childhood into investing adulthood sooner. :-)

    1. CW8888 : hahaha, ya, I am still in my infancy... need to really catch up...


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