Friday, July 29, 2016

What NEL (North-East-Line) Breakdown This Morning Taught Me About Investing And Life?

This morning, during the peak hours of the train service, the jinx event happens again!

Yes, NEL (North-East-Line) breakdowns once again, from around 7.30 am, for about 30 minutes. After alighting from the LRT and witnessing the packed station with multiple snake line queues, I need to make a decision and make it fast!

So, what options do I have now....?

1. Proceed to join in the already crowded queues and waiting in the stuffy environment OR

2. Proceed to take the alternative transport via free bus services, which is nearby - but, equally long queues have been formed within the whole interchange OR 

3. Proceed to take the alternative transport via taxi - of course, there is no guarantee that I can get the taxi easily, so there is a risk here OR
4.  Proceed to take the alternative transport via  Uber - Personally, I've never tried Uber service before so, this option is the lest feasible OR    

5. Take the LRT back home and come out again when gotten the news that the train services has resumed OR

6. Call a friend - I had a few friends staying around the same area as me and probably they are on the way to work too, so probably can ask for a ride OR

7. Any other options that I've never thought of at that time....

Within seconds, I've decided on Option 5, with a slight variation! Instead of taking the LRT back home, I decided to take the LRT and ride along the loop. My rationale are :

1. The train station is too packed and stuffy, I need more fresh air and not prepared to join in the queue amidst the stuffy condition.

2. With such a queue, even if the train service is resumed, I foresee that I can only get into the second or third train, at best.

3. The whole loop of LRT line will take me around 10 to 15 mins and I am prepared to sit inside the LRT train and enjoy the air-conditioning as well as get entertained by Muttons In The Morning (Class 95 radio program).

I am pretty happy with my decision as soon after I completed the loop, the train service resumed within 5 minutes and I managed to get into the second train. All in all, I only late for work for about 30 minutes or so. I remember in one of the previous similar incident, I've chosen Option 3 (via taxi) and waited for 30 minutes for the taxi alone ;-)

So what have I learnt from this unfortunate event about life and investing?

1. We are constantly making decision in our life (or investing), knowingly or unknowingly.

2. Once you've made your decision, other options become irrelevant as you can't relive to make another decision. There are opportunity costs involved in making or not-making decision, but we should not be paralyzed by it.

3. Whatever decision you've made, it is deemed the optimal one at that point in time, you need to accept the consequences and move along. Most of the time, there is no right or wrong decision, just how optimal at that particular moment.

In life or investing, every step or decision counts! 

If it was you, what option would you make in that situation?



  1. Go to nearest kopitiam and lim kopi?

    Good excuse to be late.

    1. Cw8888 : that's what my boss ask me to do when I told her that I will be late due to train fault lol

    2. Yup! You are boss materials! :-)

  2. Wait for the next train patiently ,,,the next train will come ,,, same for investing ,, don't chase high once the stock has gone up much ,, wait for the correction ,,,patiently ,,, haha😃😃

    1. STE : good advice.. Patience is a virtual in life and investing :-)


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