Saturday, August 27, 2016

3 Things That You Should Do While PSI Is Hovering At An Unhealthy Level

At the time of writing this post, the 3-hour PSI reading is at 106, which is the lover end of unhealthy level (to check the latest PSI readings, you can download the app from NEA or visit their site here). Air pollution affect everyone, whether you are rich or poor, successful retail investors or investing newbies, like me. We all breathe the same air! 

Of course, unless you are willing to take the trouble and incur the expenses to get away from Singapore during this period, if not, I guess we all need to accept it and keep going. Life goes on, here are the 3 things that you probably should do during this period :

1. Do Indoor Programs/Activities with Families or Friends
We consider ourselves lucky that there are so many indoor programs/activities that we can do in Singapore. To name just a few:
- Indoor sports like badminton, table tennis and indoor swimming. 
- KaraOK session with friends. SG Budget Babe has published a post on the cheapest Karaok (KTV) places in Singapore, you can check it out here.  
- Shopping or just window shopping at malls scattered all over the island
- Pay home visits to families or friends just to chill out etc..

Talking about indoor program, this evening, am going to have a social mahjong session with a couple of peer bloggers! So long never play the game already, it's time to drill my brain cell harder to prevent early senile dementia. I am sure it will be a fun gathering... 

2. Drink More Water And Standby the N95 Masks
Staying hydrated is crucial during this period. Also, it is important to standby a few N95 marks on hand just in case the PSI reading is getting from bad to worst. Prevention (for getting sick) is always better than cure.   

3. Catch A Movie
To be frank, this one is a bit bias as I am a movie buff, watching a movie came so naturally to mind ;-) Amidst the humid and hazy day, it's godsend to be able to spend 2 hours or so in a dark and air-conditioning room to watch your favorite movie.

If you need some recommendation, here are my top pick for the week:

1. Don't Breathe - Genre : Horror, Thriller:
Don't breathe

2. Shin Gadzilla (Japanese) - Genre : Action, Adventure:
Shin Godzilla

3. Train To Busan (Korean) - Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller:  
train to busan

What other tips you have to "fight" against the hazy air particles?


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