Sunday, August 14, 2016

Top Of The Singaporean's Major Concerns Is NOT About Money!

Yes! This is true! 

At least according to the recent survey by HSBC Bank (Singapore), as published in today's The Sunday Times. If not money, what else? I believed some of you might have guess it right, it is about our HEALTH! As the saying goes, Health is Wealth, without good health, you can't really do much with the money. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying money is not important, like the Chinese saying 钱不是万能,没钱万万不能 (loosely translated as : Money is not everything; But everything needs Money). That's why money came out as a close second in the survey. 

As per the survey, following are the top 15 Singaporeans' Major Concerns:

Source : The Sunday Times
Come and think of it, when we are getting older, our health will get deteriorate sooner or later due to wear and tear, so, personally think that it (health problem) will happens, just like death. The key is how long we can maintain our healthier state of body/mind and prolong it from happening. Besides, stress is the key source of most sickness, so, let's worry/concern less and live our life NOW! ;-)

Personally, I don't usually worry/concern a lot, maybe it's due to my peanut size of brain, my simple mind or just plain poor memory but I do believe everything will be 船到桥头自然直! (loosely translated as : when the boat reach the peer, it will turn straight automatically!)



  1. It is not either Health or Wealth. It is a pair of Health and Wealth.

    Without reasonable level of wealth to support our health; our health may deteriorate faster than expected.

    1. Cw8888 : totally agreed with you.. That's why money came in at close second..

  2. With health and one can work, wealth will come. With wealth, not all health prob can be resolved. So i think health is first and wealth is next

    1. Starlight : Can't agree more with you... Let's work to strike a balance ;-)

  3. Hi Richard !
    好一句船到桥头自然直!sometimes ,I think we have too much worry ,,,also , we will need to strike a balance between health and wealth ,,, yap! Stress is the key source for most if not all the sickness ,, my personal experience ,,,, I use to have high blood pressure. High cholesterol , gastric problem, backache ,,, now ,neither more exercise and much simple n relax lifestyle ,, all these problem seems gone ,,
    Cheers :)

    1. STE : Great to hear that you are back to the pink of health now... Keep it up


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