Saturday, August 6, 2016

Weekend Sharing - Anything But Investing!

Suicide Squad
This week alone, there are a couple of major events that has happened and will (or has) affect me directly or indirectly. No, none of them are related to investing, so, let me list them down below.... 

First and foremost, it is the recent announcement by CPF Board in introducing more option to their already quite complicated product, CPF Life. I am sure the intention is a good one i.e. to provide more flexibility or option to the members, however, personally think that much more effort is required to educate the members in gaining their support/trust in the basic CPF Life scheme. Just like watching a movie, if you don't like the main cast(s), regardless how strong is the performance of the supporting cast(s), you will still don't like the show ;-)

Secondly, the long awaited anti-hero blockbuster, Suicide Squad hits the big screen this week. It has been receiving very negative/bad reviews from the US movie critics (many of them are unwarranted, in my humble opinion). The Rotten Tomatoes rating is sitting at 26% at the time of writing (which is very bad) and it even spin-of an online initiative to ban the Rotten Tomatoes site by the movie fans. Personally, I am a movie fan and not a movie critic fan, I am still so gonna watch the movie, especially Harley Quinn. I've booked the IMAX 3D tics for next Tuesday, so, s*** the movie critics! ;-) 

Lastly, just today, the hell breaks loose as the long-awaited Pokemon Go game (app) is officially available for download in Singapore and Malaysia this morning! Personally, I am not a fan of gaming but still downloaded the game/app in my iPhone just to have the fun of it. To be frank, it is quite fun and I think it can be a very good tool to boost bonding (especially between parents-kids) and exercising aka walking. As at now, I am still at level 3, with 6 unique Pokemon Monsters in my bag. Loooooong way to go. 

Oh, have you watched the movie, Suicide Squad? If yes, please keep me posted on your review in the comment below. 



  1. Hi Richard ,
    Just wonder how the Pokemon Go could be related to our investing ideas ! Haha...yah..good for family bonding and more out door exercise ...but play with careful...cheers

    1. Hi STE : nah! It doesn't, that's why my post title is "anything but...". You should try it out and have some exercise with ur girls or solo..

    2. Hi Richard,

      enjoy ur movie on tue. i m booking train to busan n read some wonderful reviews so decide to hop onto the train!

      Not sure Pokemon is for me! but maybe good to know n no harm d/l

    3. Hi Rolf,

      I am quite happy with the movie (Suicide Squad), what about the Train To Busan? You like?

      Pokémon can be fun if you know how to play it safely.. No harm trying out, at least you can tell people that you've : been there, done that! ;-)


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