Saturday, September 17, 2016

3 Non-Wealth Things That I Treasured Dearly!


Yes, I am back to Singapore after a short getaway with family at Southern Thailand (Dannok and Hatyai). As this is the first time that I went Thailand by car, it's quite an experience which I will trasure.

Some highlights of the trip:

1. First hand experience of the laxness of Thailand custom, it is truly eye-opening. We literally drove through the border (and stop our car over at Dannok, Thailand), then walk back to the custom (short distance) to stamp our passport. Yes, this is a true story... 

2. If you like theme-park with mixture of Western and Eastern themes, can consider the Asian Cultural Village situated at Dannok, Thailand (just within 5 minutes drive from the border). Lots of amazing lighting and statues etc..and they also throw in a couple of dinosaurs to please the kids. 

3. Have a sumptuous dinner at the lake side (Water View Restaurant) whereby the food were served by boat... unique and great atmosphere! Oh, it comes with live band too but sang mostly in Thai Language. 

OK, now let's get back to the topic that I am about to share today. As a follow-up to my earlier post on Wealth Quotes, which I agreed wholeheartedly, I thought it would be good to do some soul searching myself on what are the non-wealth things that I treasured most. 

Here is the result (I am excluding those obvious things like family, friends and health) :

1. Memories - I always believed that when we are getting older, besides money and/or physical wealth, we will constantly digging back to rekindle with all the fond memories throughout the journey of our life. The sad thing of course is that our memory usually fading as fast as age (which is happening to me right now, slowly but surely). Hence, it is important to preserve such memories in one way or the other. That's why in the recent years, I like to take photos or videos and upload them into my Facebook as a back-up. I can't really trust my memory that much nowadays, but fret not, I always has Facebook to rely on ;-)

2. Positive Energy - I am glad that I belongs to the category of people who always look at the cup as half full (or always look at the bright side), it does make the journey of my life a little bit less eventful (or smoother sailing) as I don't usually over monsterise the DOWNs or over excited with the UPs. My motto in life is : Keeping Going ; Keep Smiling! I do believed that smiling is a very powerful "tool" to ignite positive energy.. So, try it, it's FREE anyway!

3. Knowledge/Wisdom - This is something that we all should continuously harness, either through reading, attending courses (online or offline) or just learn from friends. There are so much to learn and the more we know, the more we know we don't know. As for the wisdom, I guess it grows with your experience in life and ultimately we kind of know a bit of "life Hacks" here and there which forms the "wisdom". Still long way to go for this one but I do treasure what I've learnt and shared so far. 

What about you? What do you treasured most (exclude the wealth and the "by default" thingy)?



  1. Hi Richard,
    I do treasure experiences. Much more than material stuff.
    For example a few years back I brought my family to Koh Lantau and Phuket by car (we had the same border crossing experience as you described above). The kids still talk about that trip. It was so much more memorable than taking a plane to Phuket.
    Above all I do treasure my values I decided to live by.

    1. Hi Andy, great to hear that you are with the same mindset too. From the previous conversation with you, can roughly understand what you meant.. Let's keep going, keep smiling ;-)


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