Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Way To Look At Money (TED Video)

As the saying goes, MONEY is the root of all evil, but there is also another Chinese version of saying to counter it : 钱不是万能,没钱万万不能 (loosely translated into : Money isn't everything, but everything need money)!

So, let's talk about MONEY today. 

Recently, I watched an interesting TED Talk pertaining to the future of money (i.e. the programmable money or the cryptocurrency aka those Bitcoins etc...). What interest me more is about the Yap Economy that shared by the speaker (Neha Narula) i.e. using the bulky and heavy Rai Stones as "money". Fast forward to present, money is becoming more and more invisible i.e. just plain 1s and 0s in the system.  

Now, check out the TED Talk below :

In fact, Bitcoins made the headlines in local news one or two years ago with the installation of our first ever Bitcoins ATM, but it has been uneventful since. By the way, 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to SGD 814.43.  

Do you invest in Bitcoins? If yes, what is your experience so far?



  1. Hi Richard!
    Interesting story on "crypto currently " for bitcoin. .it might be a bit speculative ..and not being recognised by the government now...
    Such 1,0 currency may take long time develop as to replace the current one. .

    1. Hi STE, can't agree more with you, I think bitcoins would not go mainstream especially in the Asia countries..

      Have a great weekend ahead!


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