Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Is Over And Global Market Are Heading North! What's Next?

Today (5th Sep 2016), STI "chiong" (rise) 47.82 points (or 1.71%) to close at 2,851.74. Effectively, all the regional market are in the green green land today. What is the cause(s)? 

Is it because summer is just over? 

Is it because of the weak US jabs data? (I know, this is kind of contradicting)

Is it because summer blockbuster movies are over? (just joking...)

I guess no one can say for sure but whatever the cause(s), it doesn't means anything the for future performance, my friend, STE, put it greatly in his recent blog : The Greatest Gambler Fallacy. Also, this is the irrationality of the market movement (during the short term) that most Value Investor gurus talking about. 

Whatever it is, I will just try to "ignore" the short term volatility while focus on the long term as well as the dividend income. Hopefully I won't fall for the "present-focus bias" ;-)

Oh, since we are talking about the summer blockbuster movies, recently I've watched the latest sleeper hit, Don't Breathe (horror thriller genre), small budget but damn effective in making the audience stop breathing... 

If you are an horror movie fan and haven't watch it yet, don't miss it!
Don't Breathe - Top the US Box Office for the second week!

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