Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Sharing - Keep Going Amidst Gloomier Environment

Recently, local and international environment/market are surrounding by the gloomier sentiments. Retrenchment (especially in the O&G sector), poorer company results, potential recession etc.. 

What should we do during this cyclical gloomy environment?

Some retail investors/friends of mine are busy accumulating the equities (as they deemed this is the right time), some are accumulating their war chest and waiting for an even better opportunity to whack big big, while others are just cautiously observing (in Chinese we called it 静观其变). 

Whatever it is, life goes on and maybe it's time to leave the market sentiment aside for awhile and take this opportunity to pick-up some books or learning some new skills or just doing/starting new?  

For me, I have just started a mini project to challenge myself and embrace my weakness (in speaking) i.e. I've created a Youtube channel (no, it's not meant to share the investment or personal finance tips as I am still newbie among the peers). The channel is called "UP the Happiness" and I intend to discuss/share the topic that is closer to my heart i.e. trying to motivate and influence more people to be happy or at least to smile more! :-)

So far, I've created 2 Episodes and if the topic is of your interest too, do check out my second episode here (Can Money Buy You Happiness?):

What do you think? Feel free to provide your valuable comment, if any.



  1. CW8888 : Thanks! Heard that you are officially FI now Liao, more time for kopi? Lol

  2. Of course when you buy kopi o kosong; I will come to you any time and anywhere from noon onward except on Tuesdays. I travel on fixed transport cost @ $60 so I come to you. Be frugal! :-)

  3. CW8888 : Sure, kopi on me anytime, let's keep in touch via email, can send me an email to and we will arrange from there? :-)


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