Sunday, November 13, 2016

Never Say Never!

Time flies, We are one month plus away to the most celebrated festive of the year! Ho~Ho~Ho.. Last night, Orchard Road has officially light up the X'mas lighting, amidst the gloomy Retail Industry (except the online retails, at the back of the record breaking of Singles Day sales event of US$18 billions by Alibaba on a single day), hopes it does bring along some much needed merry to the malls. Those Retails REITS holders will know what I meant :-)  

Today's topic is Never Say Never! 

Think along the line of Brexit, Philippine's President and now the US's President-Elect. If you follow the Google Trends, the latest trend of Google Search is "impeachment" of Donald Trump. Would it happens? Nobody knows but, Never Say Never!
On the personal level, courtesy from a friend of mine, got a chance to attend a friendly soccer game in our very own National Stadium last night (Battle Of Europe 2016 : England Masters vs Germany Masters). The entertaining 6-goals game with the FT scoreline of 4-2 made the England Veterans the champion in 2016. Heard that the Germany Masters might be coming back again next year for a vengeance :-)

So, what is it got to do with "Never Say Never"? 

Here is the story : prior to this, I've never watched any soccer match at the stadium of any sizes as I always have an impression that it will be very noisy and too far (from the field) to see the game clearly, so, it will be better off for me to watch it on TV or projection screen at home or at F&B establishments (previously, ever rejected a couple of invite from friends to watch the soccer matches at the stadium). 

After this LIVE experience which is fantastic and totally overhauled my perception, I don't mind watching more games at stadiums now. So, Never Say Never! 

My next Never Say Never "paradox" to break probably is to eat fish and seaweed? lol

What about you? What is your Never Say Never "paradox"? 


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