Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Year Of Black Swans And My Little Mistake In Trading Today

I am sure most of you have already read by now that Donald Trump will be the next President of U.S.A. Well, since that's what 55+ millions of US citizens are asking for, so be it. Just that it still shocked me to the max, I thought..... well, never mind... not my business.

Come and think of it, 2016 is the year of Black Swans, from Brexit to Philippines and now the new US president, one blacker than the other...  Is the world turning upside down now? Who know? Probably yes!

Of course, I do have a bunch of friends who are popping the champagne because they are supporting chaotic and bloodbath in the market...probably opportunists!

Well, I am having my little "black swan" moment today! Initially intended to add small lots of Singtel shares to my manual dollar-cost-averaging program, but instead of clicking on the "Buy" button, due to the lack on focus, I've accidentally clicked on the "Sell" button and the position was filled immediately! In short, instead of accumulating my shares, I am reducing it at a loss, unpredictably :-)

Moral Of The Story : Be Focus in whatever you are doing!!!



  1. Hi Richard ,
    Yah ! Be focus !! But who know , it might be a blessing in disguise,,, that you might be able o buy back the same counter in much cheaper price,, :-)
    Cheers !!

    1. STE : Hahaha yup! Actually blog it is for the purpose of reminding myself for the mistake (after recommended by LP) :-)

  2. Replies
    1. CW8888 : Not really, I've accidentally click on the wrong button due to lack of focus... Careless mistake...

  3. Singtel profit fall for the quarter. you could buy back cheaper.

  4. Everyone makes mistakes as long as it is not too big to cause mishaps. Not to be too self-blaming.

    Yeah maybe it is a blessing in disguise that you can buy it cheaper later.


    1. Hi Rolf : How are you doing? Long time no see (in the comment). Yup! Not too bother about it actually, just bought back at a lower price today :-)


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