Monday, January 2, 2017

My "Rojak" Sharing #1 in 2017

Time fly, we are already at the second day of 2017, in less than one month's time, we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year (CNY), the Year Of Rooster. I will be travelling oversea during this year's CNY and looking forward to the upcoming group tour (it has been a while since our last group tour to US many years back). 

As I always said, life is not always about money or investment alone, so, I decided to start a regular sharing of anything under the sun that I chanced upon and find it interesting to share. I called it Rojak Sharing. Why rojak? Because it is really rojak (Malay word for mixture of stuff) :-) 

On high level, I will start my first Rojak serving (I means sharing) with the following "fruits" :

1. The Movie - Being a movie buff, how can I not share some good movie that I've just watched? Chinese there is a saying : 独乐乐不如众乐乐! (loosely translated into : instead of enjoying myself alone, it is better off to be enjoyed together with others) 

2. The Facebook Page - Facebook, being the hottest social media at the moment, there are plenty of good stuff (mostly informative and entertaining) we can get freely from there. So, why not?  

3. The Site - I will share any website or blog that I find worth my time and "got liao" (with good content).

4. The Kang Tao (Hokkien  word for hot tips) - Any tip that I can find online or offline...

The Movie :
Finally! I managed to watch one of the highly acclaimed Korean horror movie of 2016, The Wailing (哭声). It worth every second of my time.

It is suspenseful! It is intense! It did everything right for an horror movie. All the casts are excellence in their performance too.

It is a movie with most ambiguous ending but with a purpose. I am sure you will be cracking your head after the ending credits and trying to find clue to decipher the movie i.e. is he a good guy? Is there really ghost or demon? 

If you like Asian horror movie and missed this movie for whatever reason, don't miss it again!
The Wailing (Korean Movie)

The Facebook Page:
Many motivational or entrepreneur gurus like to ask his/her followers to THINK BIG! Today, I am going to share an Facebook Page called BIG THINK. There are regular sharing of insights by the popular/famous authors/entrepreneurs/thinkers..It will really open your mind...

The Site:
James Altucher, the author/podcaster/entrepreneur/investor that I get to know only recently, after a fellow blogger friend introduced a book by him to me, Choose Yourself. I've completed the book and continue to read his follow-up book entitled, Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth. His perspective is really out of the box and mostly sharing of his personal experience. You might not buy all his ideas but some of them like Ideas Machine, Idea Sex (nothing sexual) and Daily Practice are pretty cool!

The reason why I recommend his site (James Altucher) is because there are regular podcast series with the other famous authors/entrepreneurs like Dan Ariely (author of many popular books, like Predictably Irrational, The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty), Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert comic) etc... lot's of insights again.

The Kang Tao:
I used to make monthly remittance to my Malaysia credit card via a remittance house and being charged $10 for the remittance fee. Recently, I got to know that they are no longer making remittance to Malaysia bank and hence I need to look for other sources. That's where I found DBS Remit service with $0 transfer fee to 9 countries (Malaysia is one of it! Yeay).

The best part is, I can make the transfer at the convenient of my home or office via the Internet Banking and the money is remitted on the same day. And the best best part is that for the time being, you can do it with $0 transfer fee (not sure how long the free transfer will last but I managed to take the opportunity and made the first transfer successfully).

For more details, you can check out DBS Remit here.

That's all from me today!

Hope you enjoy my rojak and wish all my readers have a great 2017 ahead!


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