Monday, February 6, 2017

Ladies have Earrings And Gentlemen Have Cufflinks (Guest Post)

When come to fashionable accessories, ladies have the the upper hand as compared to gentlemen. Of course, nowadays there are many accessories which are unisex, like wristband, necklace and even earrings, especially for the youngsters. 

If you asked me, one of the more masculine and yet fashionable accessories is cufflinks. My first encounter with cufflinks was during my engagement ceremony umpteen years ago (> 15 years). In fact, that was the first time I get to know that there is such a miniature functional thing in the world and I wore it during my engagement ceremony for the first time. Yeah, I got to admit that fashion is not my cup of tea then, in fact, even till now :-) 

I remember during that time, online shopping is unheard of and we got to go around a couple of big departmental stores to look for the right design that match my shirt/coat. 

Nowadays, you can get your favorite cufflinks at the comfort of your own home and get it delivered to your door step within the same day (free of charge). One of the local online stores providing such specific service is Eminence Cufflinks

There are plenty of designs to choose from and one of my favorite is called Heterodoxe, a mini-watch movement mechanism (industrialist steampunk theme) with a balance wheel that oscillates when wound. It is suitable for business-wear as well as casual occasion.   

Heterodoxe cufflink 1
Heterodoxe cufflink 2
Oh yeah, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, for ladies, maybe you can consider getting cufflinks as the Valentine's Day gift for your man.      


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