Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kimly IPO - The Complete Resources

By now, I am pretty sure that most of the retail investors know that the upcoming IPO in Singapore is non-other than the home-grown traditional coffee shop, Kimly Limited (金味)

Everyone are excited about it! Or is it? 

Anyway, following are some of the gist of Kimly's IPO:

Company                 : Kimly Limited
IPO Price                 : $0.25 per share
Size of IPO Shares  : 3.8 millions shares
IPO Close On          : 16th March 2017 (Thu), 12 PM
First Trading Date   : 20th March 2017 (Mon)

For those who like to read up more more details, check out the Kimly IPO Prospectus and Product Highlights Sheet.

I've also took this opportunity to briefly comb through the financial blogshere and and generally gotten the signal that it would be a hot chilli padi.. (read : positive)

If you are keen to see what are the other local financial bloggers' views and analysis about this upcoming IPO, check out the links below:  

1. From my friend, Brian (owner of A Path To Forever Financial Freedom) : Kimly Limited IPO - Should You Be Getting This?

2. From  Singapore IPOs (Mr IPO) : Kimly Limited (note: Mr IPO is vested in this company, probably through the Private Placement)

3. From 10% Per Annum : Kimly IPO - Exciting Stuff?

4. From Singapore Stock Investing (SSI) : Kimly IPO

Oh, if you are new to IPO and not sure how many shares to buy, check out the timely analysis done by The Finance SG : How much shares should I apply in a IPO?

Personally, I will be trying my luck next week too! :-) Having said that, with mere 3.8 millions shares, I think you got to be very lucky to get it :-)



  1. thanks for the mention :) Someone did a youtube on Kimly and my blog was featured. lol...

  2. Mr IPO : Wow! Nice.. Got the video link? Share share ler! :-)

  3. When a company does an ipo, it means 2 things : either they need more capital to expand or need investors capital to unlock their values . If my company is making money , why would I share the profit with the public ? Unless it's time to load up my bank account with money from the public . F & B potential in Singapore is very limited. Unless it replicates another Jumbo where you venture overseas , it doesn't make sense to invest in this one . What they do is just local Coffeeshop business. I dare say one year later , this stock will be trading below $0.25. Don't be the sucker. Meanwhile the shareholders will be clearing their shares with 100% profit post ipo.

    I Just heard about positive views from -

    1. Hi Andy,

      Good point there... only time will tell :-)


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