Monday, March 6, 2017

Logan - 3 Things We Can Learnt From It (About Life and Investing)

After the big hoo-hah on the upcoming 30% water price hike (from Budget 2017), the latest viral news that keep popping-up in my social media profiles is non-other than the just-released blockbuster movie, Logan

Logan, supposedly the last installment of the standalone Wolverine movie to be helmed by Hugh Jackman, as the titular role). To me, it is also the BEST wolverine movie thus far and possibly the best X-men movies too.

It is refreshing, it is bold (rated M18 in Singapore and rated R in the USA) and it is unforgiving-ly emotional. 

Every good movie can teach us one or two things about life (or for that matter, about investing). So, following are the 3 things that I've learnt from Logan, the movie :

1. Everyone go through the similar life cycle about life struggles (at some point in life), going through aging and death. Regardless of who you are and how powerful or wealthy you are (or used to be), I am sure you have your fair share of struggles (in life or about life) and ultimately, the end result is almost the same i.e. aged and certain death. The only different is : when and for how long (in relation to the struggles and aging)?

So, while we are still healthy and full of energy, make a difference to the people around us (positively). Just like how Logan helped the young mutants to escape from the villain. Of course, if you are good in investing or making some extra passive incomes, do share your "secrets" too! :-)
Aged Logan aka Wolverine
2. There is/are always someone better than we are. Again, regardless of how powerful, skillful or wealthy you are, there is/are always someone else one notch better than you. The only way to go about it is to accept the fact, live life humbly and embrace each other. You thought wolverine with the blood thirsty claws and self-healing power is unbeatable? Wait till you see the X-23 aka Laura Kinney (by Dafne Keen).

Same thing in investing, if you think you are unbeatable and found a sure-win formula, don't be too happy as yet... :-)
Logan x23
X-23 in Logan
3.  Collaboration is the way to go in life. In the movie, all the young mutants collaborate together (with the help of Logan) to fight against and won over the villains. To win in life, we need to collaborate with others and embrace each others' strength and weakness so as to win over every day's life challenges. If you win alone, it still means you are losing something.

How do we collaborate in investing? I guess by discussing/sharing some financial and market news/insights among the peer retail investors is one way of collaboration. Currently, the most effective way to do it is via Whatsapp chat group! Those friends in my financial bloggers chat group know what I am talking about :-) 

If you've not watched the movie yet, what are you waiting for?

If you are still not convinced, do check out my non-spoiler review here:

Or the movie trailer here:

Have you watched Logan? What is your review?



  1. Quote : "Of course, if you are good in investing or making some extra passive incomes, do share your "secrets" too! :-)"

    But; don't follow those who are saying that they are giving back by sharing "secrets" but charge $X,XXX to share them. LOL!

    Free sharing is undervalue and few pple will bother but charge higher then got value. ha ha


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