Saturday, March 18, 2017

Super Group - Time To Accept The Offer!

Ever since the news broke out in Nov 2016 that Super Group (S10) might be acquired by Dutch tea and coffee company Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), the share price has hiked 34% to $1.30, as at yesterday (17/03/2017), which is also the offer price. For more details of the earlier news, check out the Straits Times article here

Five months later, finally received the official cash offer documentation in a super thick package. Of course, for a minion-size shareholder like me, the natural logical reaction is to accept the offer, even though it will be at a lose as I got it at the peak ($1.465). 

The funny thing is I noticed that there is no FFA (Form Of Acceptance and Authorisation) and self-address envelope being attached to the package, which is usually the case as per one of my more seasoned friend (this is the first time I received such offer document). So, never take thing for granted, it is not a perfect world after all! lol 

So, the recourse is to download the FFA from the SGX site, which I did, luckily the offer document did provide an easy to understand steps to download the form ourselves. The next step is to mail it out before the offer closing date. Oh, by the way, if you have not already know, the closing date has been extended to 25th Apr 2017, Tue (from the original 11th Apr 2017, Tue)   

Also, as highlighted by one of my other friend, the share price did went up to 1.305 brieflyly this week, I am rather puzzled, why would some one buy it at an higher price now? Anyone has any clue? :-) 

Are you vested in Super Group, will you be accepting the Offer? 



  1. most likely i will be selling it at $1.30 too even though i got it at $1.40. tough life .... = (

    1. Edmund : at least your entry price is slightly better than mine lol

      In any case, not all investment will be profitable...keep investing :-)

  2. Hi, what would happen if you never reply to them(ignore totally, as you never choose whether you will accept or now)?

    1. My understanding is that no reply = not accepting the offer. As to what happens next? I have no clue too.. lol

  3. Yes, Let it be.

    Unluckily, bought it 7 yrs back at price ~ 50 cents

    Source -

    Sign, such a good divident stock that so reluctant for accept this offer.

    Anyway, life goes on for collect ~100K profit to swift it toward UMS or Valuetronic.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Good for you, at least you are off with a huge profit.. good work


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