Friday, April 14, 2017

Singtel - Accumulating as part of my mutated DCA

As per my previous post in Nov 2016 (click here to see), I've chosen Singtel (Z74) as he stock to go on "DCA" (the reason why I bracket it is because my original intention is not to strictly invest every month but rather retain the flexibility to enter as and when I viewed that the price is right). Well, you may argue that I should not even call it DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging), you are probably right, but who cares, it doesn't really matter lol

Since Wednesday (12/04/2017), for some "good" reason, Singtel share went through a phase of massive short selling, the share price has dropped about 3.5% (from $3.90 to $3.76 at yesterday's closing). So, I took this opportunity to accumulate the Stock in two tranche (500 @ $3.81 and another 500 @$3.76). In total, I have accumulated 1,500 shares with the average price of $3.78.

Are you doing any DCA? If yes, on which particular stock(s)?



  1. I Want to ask you . . . Can Singtel improve Optus revenue without 700MHz spectrum ?

    Actually . . .TPG Telecom has unveiled plans to build a $2 billion mobile network, with the telco raising $400 million from the market to become the fourth mobile operator in Australia..

    Right now my Financial Adviser is -

    They have Suggest me about that

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the comment. I guess it's too early for everyone to say the actual impact of the spectrum thingy but I think good for Singtel is that they are satisfactory diversified in their business.

  2. Hi Richard

    Mutated DCA, I like that name. Sounds like a xmen marvel series :)

    1. Hi B,

      hahaha, I can only be that creative from the movie buff angle :-)

  3. The telco market in Singapore is saturated. While Optus is not performing well down under.

    1. Hi Alex,

      I believed you are the Alex that I knew right? lol

      Ya, agreed with you but among the 3, Singtel is the most diversified one in their business models.


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