Wednesday, June 21, 2017

4 Local Investing Apps In Comparison ( InvestingNote , StocksCafe , Spiking and Dr Wealth)

For retail investors, investing can be a daunting task in you were to include the following activities:

1. Doing market research by reading the relevant market news,
2. Reading Annual Reports (for Fundamental Analyst) or Analyzing charts (for Technical Analyst),
3. Keep track of your portfolio and evaluate your portfolio's performance, this is especially challenging if you have huge portfolio (in terms of number of stocks) and the needs to keep track of the incoming dividends etc...

The good news is, for item (1) and (3), there are a couple of local apps that can facilitate us in tracking our portfolio as well as consolidating news that are tailored to our interest. So far, I manage to uncover four (I am sure there are more to be uncovered) and each has its pros and cons. 

This post is just to share my personal view on them.

1. InvestingNote

a. A more comprehensive investing apps with salient features targeted at retail investors. Key features include portfolio tracking, watch list, charting, discussion between members (look at it like facebook of investing), price estimation of the counters and many more.
b. Cater to both FA (Fundamental Analysts) and TA (Technical Analysts) with its trending articles and quite comprehensive charting features. 
c. Provide daily email update of the current market news.
d. Able to track Singapore, Malaysia and USA stocks. 

a. Hmmm, can't find any yet :-)

My Favourite Unique Features:
a. Stock calendar whereby it list down the upcoming events of the selected stocks of yours.
b. Auto computation of overall profit/loss of your portfolio.
c. Gamification whereby the members are being ranked and points are awarded basing on the interaction/traction gained by the members. Points can be used to exchange for vouchers like FairPrice vouchers (latest news : most vouchers are out of stocks at the moment). 

InvestingNote is available in both iOS and Android

2. StocksCafe

a. Another feature-rich investing app. Key features include portfolio tracking (including dividend tracking), watch list, messaging between members, stock screener and many more.
b. User can share their portfolio or stock screenings openly (if they choose to).
d. Able to track Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong stocks. 

a. Some how the revamp app (iOS) looks more like a web page than an app, hence, less user friendly.

My Favourite Unique Features:
a. More comprehensive calculation of the profit/loss of the portfolio i.e. inclusive of the dividend yield, calculation of XIRR etc..

StocksCafe is available in both iOS and Android

3. Spiking

a. An investing app with more in-depth focused-features (i.e. not feature rich) in stock price alert and heavy weight investors' recent transaction.
d. Able to track Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong stocks
c. The UI (user interface) is most sleek and intuitive among all. 

a. It's a Premium i.e. you need to pay to become a PRO users (e.g. enjoying unlimited price alerts etc...)

My Favourite Unique Features:
a. The heavy weight investors' transaction

Spiking is available in both iOS and Android

4. Dr Wealth

a. It used to be available in iOS version in its previous generation whereby the usual portfolio tracking, Watch list and profit/loss tracking (including the dividend calculation) are available.  

a. Only available in Android (at the moment, I heard the iOS version is coming soon).
b. Only able to track Singapore stocks.

My Favourite Unique Features:
a. Not at the moment.

Dr Wealth is only available in Android

I am a member to the first 3 but not the last one because I am an iOS user. Among the 3, I find that InvestingNote is more comprehensive my top choice of investing app.  

Are you using any of them? What is your view?


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