Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Mutated DCA - Follow-up Action (3)

As highlighted in my earlier post (click here to see more), yesterday, decided to add another 900 shares to my mutated DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) counter, Asian Pay Television Trust (APTT) @ 53 cents.It went down a bit as it just went XD (Ex-Dividend) yesterday.

So my average price per share now is sitting at 55 cents (2,700 shares).

I do still find value in this stock as per my earlier assessment (click here to read more).

At the moment, the valuation is at 0.6 Price/Book (P/B), 15.7 Price/Earning (P/E) and 12.50% Dividend Yield. 


Note : DYODD (Do Your Own Due Diligence) 


  1. Since you like using this acronym so much, I thought I should correct it for you :)

    DYODD (Do Your Own Due DILIGENCE)

    1. Hi Vikas,

      Oops! Thank you so much for the correction.. corrected :-)


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