Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sanli Environmental Limited - The Hot IPO is 12.8 Times Subscribed

The latest IPO counter, Sanli Environmental Limited, received strong investors interest with 12.8 times subscription (for the 52 millions shares @ $0.225 each). As per my earlier post, I've tried my luck too and applied for some minion lots. 

This time round, I have a lucky break, managed to get 3,000 shares.. :-) If I remember correctly, this is the most IPO shares that I've gotten so far. 

Sanli Environmental Limited will start trading from tomorrow (08/06/2017), 9 AM. 

I guess the next question is: what would be the opening day's price? Let's do a poll, do you think it's opening price will A, B, C, D, E or F? 

A = lower than $0.225 (IPO Price)
B = Between $0.226 to $0.300
C = Between $0.301 to $0.400
D = Between $0.401 to $0.500
E = Between $0.501 to $0.600
F = $0.601 and above?     

My gut feeling is D (around $0.45), what is your gut telling you?


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