Sunday, June 18, 2017

What Have I Learnt From The Lee Family Feud Saga?

First, happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and hope you folks have a great family gathering/celebration. 

For the past week, I am sure the most viral headline news (both in mainstream and social media, local and international) is non other than our First Family's family feud, the Lee Family Saga.  One would wonder how come a family with such a high status and power are "washing their dirty linen" in the open? Anyway, only they themselves have the answer (or maybe not) but this post is not to side anyone involved, just a post to share what I've learnt just by reading this dramatic development of the event but I can tell you that this is a great source materials for the 溏心风暴, Heart Of Greed(famous Hong Kong Drama series) sequel. 

Here you go...

1. Different people see responsible act differently. Like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker (aka the Spiderman): With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities, In this saga, the responsibility is so huge that it become a public interest/concern now (even though it might be started out as a family feud). 

2. It used to be MONEY is the root of all evils, actually I think it still is. Just that now probably POWER is the second root of all evils.

3. It is a blessing to be in living in a humble and average family. Imagine the stress and tension you are getting from all these saga?  

4. There is always 2-sides of the same coin. Who is on the right side (pun intended)? You go figure it out....

5. When you are younger and siblings are the only closely-knit family members you have, blood is thicker water, usually! However, when you are having your own respective families, that virtue might still stay true but diluted to be true within your own "branched-out" family only. That's where the conflict arises.... 

What have you learnt from this SAGA? 



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    1. Starlight: There is no truth (at least so far), only has force. May the force be with you! lol


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