Monday, June 12, 2017

Why The 2 Upcoming IPOs (World Class Global and HRnetGroup) Do Not Strike A Chord With Me?

If you have not already know, this week alone, there are 2 new IPOs coming on board. They are:

1. World Class Global Limited - Offer at 26 cents per share and will close tomorrow (13/06/2017), 12 PM ;

2. HRnetGroup - Offer at 90 cents per share and will close on Wednesay (14/06/2017), 12 PM

After my little lucky break with Sanli's IPO (click here to see more) which I managed to release my 3,000 share on the first day of IPO at 37 cents subsequently, it might seems naturally for me to whack any new IPOs coming on board. But, that's not the case. 

Luck aside, somehow these two new IPOs doesn't strike a chord with me and I am going to give both of them a miss. 

Key reason? 

As my IPOs bet are usually not for long term holding, I find that both of them are having too high a valuation for my liking :-). World Class Global Limited is offered at 2.28 of P/B (Price/Book) and HrnetGroup is offered at PER (Price/Earning Ratio) of 22x.    

For more details on the valuation of these 2 IPOs, I think Mr IPO did a great job in compiling every single IPOs' valuation in Singapore, I don't think there is a need to reinvent the wheel here, just check out his posts below:

For those who are trying out your luck, all the best!


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