Sunday, August 27, 2017

Review Openly - Value And Growth Investing Workshop

Yesterday morning, attended the Value / Growth Investing Workshop conducted by Terence (owner of T.U.B Investing) and John (owner of Simple Investor SG). This slightly more than 3-hours workshop focusing on their respective investment style/approach (Terence is on Value Investing and John is on Growth Investing). 

No, I didn't attended alone. I was being invited and went with two financial blogger/buddies, B (from A Path To Forever Financial Freedom) and Chris (from Growing Your Tree of Prosperity). You can read their respective posts on their blog links. 

The Workshop provided some fundamental concepts/differences between Value and Growth Investing and both of them managed to put across the key message : each approach has its own merits and no one if better than the other! So, it's up to the investors to choose which investment style/approach that they are attuned to. As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome

Highlights of the workshop is the sneak peak of their upcoming brainchild project, Fundamental Scorecard. Basically, it comprises of two scorecards i.e.:

Ultimate Scorecard (by T.U.B Investing) -  Focusing on the Value Investing Criteria 
Full Analysis (by Simple Investor SG) - Focusing on the Growth Investing Criteria

As the name implied, this scorecard is a scoring system and will comb through the 700+ SGX stocks and rank them basing on their respective designated parameters/criteria. Currently, this Scorecard only focus on SGX stocks but they have plan to extend it to Hong Kong stocks in the future too.  

Think of it like a formulated pre-set stock screener which not only provide you with the results but also give you a score on each of the company. I think this tool will come in handy for retail investors who want to start investing but don't know where to start? It will provide you a list of potential stocks for you to dig further. 

Personally, I believed that every tool/software has it's own set of limitation, however, as long as it serves its main purpose, it's deemed as a useful tool (like MS Words is a great tool for preparing document). From the initial sneak peak, I think Fundamental Scorecard has potential to be a useful tool for retail investors. 

I believed more details about Fundamental Scorecard will be made available online soon, do check out their respective blog (T.U.B Investing and Simple Investor SG) for further update.


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