Saturday, August 19, 2017

Weekend Sharing - Recipe For Happiness and My Upcoming TUB experience (Investing Workshop)

Been quite slack with my blog ever since came back from my trip 2+ weeks ago. Work is getting busier but not complaining as at least I am still contributing.

This week has been plagued with negative news like regular massive train breakdowns during peak hours (locally) and never ending multiple terrorist related attacks (in Europe). Anyway, it's weekend once again, let's all have a well deserved rest and keep the positive energy flowing...

If you need some motivation to keep up with the positivity amidst the negativity and boost your happiness, check out the marvellous BBC News video (I called it "Recipe For Happiness") here:

The other thing that I am excited to share is about being invited by Terence (owner of the T.U.B Investing) to attend their very first Investing Workshop next Saturday (26th August 2017). It has been a while since I last attended such workshop, it's good for me to re-pickup my momentum and I am sure will be able to learn something new from them (I just get to know that TUB stands for The Unique Bunch and they are a team).

For more details about the workshop, you can check out their post here.

If any of you are happen to be there next Saturday, hope to say hi to you at the workshop :-)


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