Sunday, August 13, 2017

Who Do You Compete With?

Once, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings was asked who the company's biggest competitor was, do you know what is his answer? 

Not, it's not Amazon, neither Youtube.

His answer is profoundly bold : SLEEP! 

Yes, from his perspective, his focus is not with any of his competitors but rather focusing on his own product(s) as well as the customers. I deduced from his answer that he is trying to deliver a product that the customers are willing to sacrifice their sleep with. 

I think same thing applies to our investing journey or our life as a whole too. 

Just take a moment to think through, who do you usually compete with? 

Your siblings? 
Your classmates? 
Your colleagues..?
Your peer retail investors? 

The list goes on but I do agree with Reed Hastings that the one worth competing with is ourselves! Of course, I am not saying that competition is no good or it's not important. In fact, to understand what our competitors do/has/provide is key to success as we just can't operate in silo, but the focus should always go back to ourselves i.e. 

What we have achieved so far? 
What have we done right?
What have we done wrong?
What can we do better (against our "old" self)? 



  1. Agreed for personal life. It is yes!

    For work life ; it is not within our control.

    1. CW8888 : that's quite true. But you are now free from work life, can focus on the personal life already :-)


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