Saturday, September 23, 2017

Share Investing - Where Are You At The Cycle Of Learning ?

Time flies, it's weekend again! Soon, we will be plunging into the last quarter of 2017 and there after, saying sayonara to 2017 in just blink of eye.  

Recently, attended the NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) course and learnt quite a bit from that 2-days course itself. There is one topic about the "Cycle Of Learning" which I thought is worth sharing here. 

For easier understanding, I've re-translated them into the simple picture (see above) by added my own version of understanding for each of these 4 phases. 

In any kind of learning, be it knowledge or skills, we start with the stage whereby we "Don't Know What We Don't Know" ( Phase 1 - Unconscious Incompetent). These are the knowledge/skills OUTSIDE our Circle Of Competent and we need to constantly expose ourselves to new information or knowledge (for the first time) so that we can step into the next phase.  

Once we "Know What You Don't Know" (Phase 2- Conscious Incompetent) and deemed that the knowledge/skills is important for us to move forward (be it in career, financial or life in general), we will start to learn more about the subject by reading, attending classes/courses or simply Google it. 

After sufficient we've put in sufficient effort, we probably will reach the stage of "Know What You Know" (Phase 3 - Conscious Competent) whereby we can competently use or discuss the knowledge/skills with our peer, but still need to do it consciously. 

Finally, after further harnessing and put in even more effort, we will reach the finale phase of "What You Know Is Second Nature" (Phase 4 - Unconscious Competent) whereby we just deal with it subconsciously i.e. it just became your second nature. Think of it like learning how to ride the bicycle, once you already learnt it, you can ride the bicycle without even thinking about "how", you just did it!

So, the question is: in terms of Share Investing knowledge/skill, where would you place yourself in the Cycle Of Learning at the moment? 

For me, I am still at Phase 2 - Conscious Incompetent


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