Sunday, October 29, 2017

Investor One - New Catalist Investment Portal By ShareInvestor

If you have not already known, the new investment portal, Investor One, focusing on Catalist companies has been officially launched on 25 Oct 2017. It was developed by ShareInvestor, a subsidiary of SPH and the Investment Social Network, InvestingNote is part of it too. Personally I think it is a good sign to see more of such mainstream investment portals to improve the financial literacy of the general public.

I've just drop by the site and I must say that its user interface is quite refreshing and neatly presented. 

Beside the usual news articles and interviews (they lump them under Editorial section), they also have the following sub-sections:
Investor One

1. Performance - Showing the performance of "Top 5 Catalist companies" basing on your selected category like Today's Top Active, Hitting 52 weeks High, Highest Dividend Yield etc...     
Investor One

2. Quick Facts - Just like the StockFacts feature in SGX site but with lesser details and focusing on Catalist companies. 
Investor One

3. Social - This section is powered by InvestingNote with the sharing of articles from users/bloggers.
Investor One

4. IPOs - List down the recent IPOs in Catalist and showing their performances within the page. 
Investor One

5. Academy - To be frank, I am a bit clueless about this sub-section at the moment as so far there are too few information/sharing within this section. Looks more like news to me. 
Investor One

Have you check out this new portal? What do you think?


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Idea Is The New Currency - Start Creating Your Currency Now

This evening, catch-up with a friend over the dinner and he shared with me his recent near-death accident (knocked down by a car but no major injury, thank god) woken him up, he decided to start an IT start-up company with a partner and currently looking for the office space. He told me that a thought went though his mind at that moment that if he really kicked the bucket then, he will leave with regret for not doing what he wanted to do all this while. 

Currently, he is still a full-time employee and doing some IT contract work as side hustle, he plan to resign in the coming months and focus on his new start-up (his dream, so to speak). 

He asked me whether I will support his rush decision? My answer to him is "Hell yes!". I told him that with his skill, knowledge and experience, he destined to be his own boss and quoted the famous mantra coined by James Altucher (author of many published books), Idea Is The New Currency, this is where I link it to the title of this post. I wish him all the best and hope he will be creating his own "currency" soon. 

He also asked me if it is me at his age, will I be doing the plunge? I told me that my background is not as IT-sound as him but I don't mind joining him in his startup's ideation activity and hopefully can contribute my two cents along the way..


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

3 Things You Might Not Know About Deepavali/Diwali

For those who are celebrating Deepavali /Diwali today, 

For those who are not but enjoying the public holiday, have a good rest or probably take some time to review your stock portfolio or the analysis/research that you have been procrastinated for the last few days/weeks. 

In any case, since you've chanced upon this post, at least you will know 3 things that I am about to share in regards to Deepavali/Diwali:

1. Deepavali/Diwali is not only celebrated in India, Singapore or Malaysia, they are also celebrated in the following countries (and it's a Public Holiday there too): Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Guyana, Surinam and Fiji.

2. The word Diwali comes from a sanskrit word Deepavali which means “row of lamps

3. It is a celebration of 5 days, Diwali falls on the third day and is also the main day which falls on the night of the new moon.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Can't Decide What To Invest? Spin The Wheel To Decide (Singapore Blue Chips Edition)

Let's face it, at times, we all encounter situation where there are simply too many choices and hence went into a state of decision paralysis, hence, procrastinate, procrastinate and making no decision. This applies to making investment decision. 

Recently, while doing my other side project, I chanced upon a cool and fun tool called Wheel Decide which allow anyone to create a customized wheel to help you make decision.

So, to join in the fun, I've created a Singapore Blue Chips Edition of "Spin To Invest". I think this wheel will come in handy for anyone who are interested to invest in any of the STI Components companies (Blue Chips) but just can't make up their mind which on to go... 

Feel free to spin the colorful wheel below and let it help you to make the decision! Of course, I assumed that you've made your due diligent in all these companies and just need a little push to lock it in. Just be reminded this is just for fun :-)

1. I've throw in one WILD CARD option, so, if you are lucky enough, you might land it there :-)   
2. Click on the "speaker" icon to on the sound for better effect of the spinning.  


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

AppSheet - A Cool Tool That Merge Spreadsheet To App

I always knew that Spreadsheet can do wonder but didn't know that it can be so wonderful! lol Joke aside, while doing some side project to create another blog (yes, another blog), I chanced upon a cool tool called AppSheet that can beautifully merge the spreadsheet into an app (Web, iOS or Android) seamlessly.

Excluding app fine-tuning time, I spent about 45 minutes in creating a simple spreadsheet and convert it into a web app

What have I done within the 45 minutes?

1. I spent about 15 minutes creating a simple spreadsheet in Google Drive called Leap Hub 1
2. I install the AppSheet Add-On 
3. I launch the AppSheet Add-On and it brings me to the AppSheet editor whereby I can customize the User Interface (mainly selecting from the various UI [user interface] design from the box)
Note: I am still using the free membership account and leave the app as prototype (but it is already fully functional)

To see what I've made within the 45 minutes, click on the image below to see for yourself:

Note: As this app is a Prototype, when you first launch, it takes a little bit longer;
tap/click on the option to see more details 

I am considering whether to upgrade my plan to a publisher account so that I can deploy it (to avoid intentionally "delay time" introduced upfront when user launch the web app) for longer term usage in my other blog : Leap Hub

Personally I think AppSheet is a great tool to quickly convert your spreadsheet into readily usable app. What do you think? If you are currently maintaining some valuable spreadsheets and intend to convert them into a more visually pleasing app to share with your readers, you might want to explore the tool further.  


Monday, October 9, 2017

Singapore Statistics At Your Hand (Mobile App)

As part of the Smart Nation Singapore initiative, government has been looking into ways to share national data and information to the public or at least make it easier for public to obtain such information. If you have not already know, Department Of Statistics Singapore has developed the SingStat Mobile App (in both Android and iOS) which allow anyone to to download and inquire about the stats freely. 

SingStat Mobile App contains the commonly used official statistics like Singapore population, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Tourism, Government Debt, Mobile Phone Penetration Rate etc and present it in colorful bar/pie charts. It allows users to visualise data easily on their mobile devices. I thought this is a cool companion to the retail investors especially when they want to have a quick glance on the national trend while analyzing a company. For example, when researching about SIA, you may be interested to know the tourism trend in Singapore. Hence, SingStat app will come in handy. 

Feel free to download the app here.


Saturday, October 7, 2017

SkillsFuture For Digital Workplace - Free Ticket To Boost Your Confidence In Digital Economy

I might be wrong, but somehow, I have a feeling that most of the retail investors are not early adopter of the technology (or digitization for that matter). Maybe, just maybe, most retail investors would rather invest their money in stocks than technology. In any case, fret not, we now have free ticket (in the form of SkillsFuture) to up our ante in the digitization space.   

Recently, SkillsFuture has launched the SkillsFuture For Digital Workplace with the aim to build confidence in all Singaporeans for the Digital Economy. It has partnered with tech giants IBM, Lazada, Microsoft and Samsung to come out with a 2-days program to equip Singaporean with basic digital skills that suit them, from the use of e-payments and e-commerce platform to data analytics and automation. The program cost $50 each (which can be paid using the S$500 SkillsFuture credits given to all Singaporean age 25 and above).  

Also, Singaporean who are more tech savvy can opt for customized programs to be delivered by 7 training providers (Capelle Academy, Nanyang Polytechnic, NTUC LearningHub, Rohei Corporation, Singapore Management University, Singapore University Of Social Science and Training Vision Institute). The courses ranging from 3D printing to digital ordering and kitchen automation in the food and beverage industry.

For more details of the courses, check out the announce by SkillsFuture here

Personally, I've not make sure of my SkillsFuture credit yet, maybe it is about time spend my "free" money :-)


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