Wednesday, October 11, 2017

AppSheet - A Cool Tool That Merge Spreadsheet To App

I always knew that Spreadsheet can do wonder but didn't know that it can be so wonderful! lol Joke aside, while doing some side project to create another blog (yes, another blog), I chanced upon a cool tool called AppSheet that can beautifully merge the spreadsheet into an app (Web, iOS or Android) seamlessly.

Excluding app fine-tuning time, I spent about 45 minutes in creating a simple spreadsheet and convert it into a web app

What have I done within the 45 minutes?

1. I spent about 15 minutes creating a simple spreadsheet in Google Drive called Leap Hub 1
2. I install the AppSheet Add-On 
3. I launch the AppSheet Add-On and it brings me to the AppSheet editor whereby I can customize the User Interface (mainly selecting from the various UI [user interface] design from the box)
Note: I am still using the free membership account and leave the app as prototype (but it is already fully functional)

To see what I've made within the 45 minutes, click on the image below to see for yourself:

Note: As this app is a Prototype, when you first launch, it takes a little bit longer;
tap/click on the option to see more details 

I am considering whether to upgrade my plan to a publisher account so that I can deploy it (to avoid intentionally "delay time" introduced upfront when user launch the web app) for longer term usage in my other blog : Leap Hub

Personally I think AppSheet is a great tool to quickly convert your spreadsheet into readily usable app. What do you think? If you are currently maintaining some valuable spreadsheets and intend to convert them into a more visually pleasing app to share with your readers, you might want to explore the tool further.  


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