Friday, October 13, 2017

Can't Decide What To Invest? Spin The Wheel To Decide (Singapore Blue Chips Edition)

Let's face it, at times, we all encounter situation where there are simply too many choices and hence went into a state of decision paralysis, hence, procrastinate, procrastinate and making no decision. This applies to making investment decision. 

Recently, while doing my other side project, I chanced upon a cool and fun tool called Wheel Decide which allow anyone to create a customized wheel to help you make decision.

So, to join in the fun, I've created a Singapore Blue Chips Edition of "Spin To Invest". I think this wheel will come in handy for anyone who are interested to invest in any of the STI Components companies (Blue Chips) but just can't make up their mind which on to go... 

Feel free to spin the colorful wheel below and let it help you to make the decision! Of course, I assumed that you've made your due diligent in all these companies and just need a little push to lock it in. Just be reminded this is just for fun :-)

1. I've throw in one WILD CARD option, so, if you are lucky enough, you might land it there :-)   
2. Click on the "speaker" icon to on the sound for better effect of the spinning.  


1 comment:

  1. Aiyoh ... cannot decide just buy:

    35% STI ETF (blue chip stocks)
    35% Lion Philip SREIT ETF (blue chip REITs)
    30% ABF SG Bond ETF (blue chip bonds)


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