Thursday, October 26, 2017

Idea Is The New Currency - Start Creating Your Currency Now

This evening, catch-up with a friend over the dinner and he shared with me his recent near-death accident (knocked down by a car but no major injury, thank god) woken him up, he decided to start an IT start-up company with a partner and currently looking for the office space. He told me that a thought went though his mind at that moment that if he really kicked the bucket then, he will leave with regret for not doing what he wanted to do all this while. 

Currently, he is still a full-time employee and doing some IT contract work as side hustle, he plan to resign in the coming months and focus on his new start-up (his dream, so to speak). 

He asked me whether I will support his rush decision? My answer to him is "Hell yes!". I told him that with his skill, knowledge and experience, he destined to be his own boss and quoted the famous mantra coined by James Altucher (author of many published books), Idea Is The New Currency, this is where I link it to the title of this post. I wish him all the best and hope he will be creating his own "currency" soon. 

He also asked me if it is me at his age, will I be doing the plunge? I told me that my background is not as IT-sound as him but I don't mind joining him in his startup's ideation activity and hopefully can contribute my two cents along the way..


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