Monday, October 9, 2017

Singapore Statistics At Your Hand (Mobile App)

As part of the Smart Nation Singapore initiative, government has been looking into ways to share national data and information to the public or at least make it easier for public to obtain such information. If you have not already know, Department Of Statistics Singapore has developed the SingStat Mobile App (in both Android and iOS) which allow anyone to to download and inquire about the stats freely. 

SingStat Mobile App contains the commonly used official statistics like Singapore population, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Tourism, Government Debt, Mobile Phone Penetration Rate etc and present it in colorful bar/pie charts. It allows users to visualise data easily on their mobile devices. I thought this is a cool companion to the retail investors especially when they want to have a quick glance on the national trend while analyzing a company. For example, when researching about SIA, you may be interested to know the tourism trend in Singapore. Hence, SingStat app will come in handy. 

Feel free to download the app here.


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