Thursday, November 30, 2017

RichDad 2 Days Virtual Summit (by Robert Kiyosaki) For Only $1

I believed by now most people would know who is Robert Kiyosaki (entrepreneur and author of many books, including the popular "The Rich Dad and Poor Dad"). He, together with 8 others successful entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires have teamed up and came up with a virtual submit event happening on 9th (Sat) and 10th (Sun) December 2017. 

It's called RichDad Summit! 

How much would it costs? Only USD 1 (less than a cup of Yakun kopi)

First, let's take a look at who are the 9 keynote speakers and presenters?

Out of the 9 speakers, personally I've read about the success stories of 3 of them (Robert Kiyosaki, Anik Singal and Fred Lam. Last one is an interesting one, he transformed himself from a dish washer in Canada to an eCommerce Millionaire). 

Next, let's take a look of what the 2 days virtual summit will be covering? 

Day 1 (9th Dec 2017) - Making More Money:
#1 - Secrets To Building Long-Term Wealth (by Robert Kiyosaki & Jeremy Bellotti)
#2 - Diving Into The CashFlow Quadrants (by Andy Tanner)
#3 - The Difference Between Creating A Job & Being And Entrepreneur (by Jeremy Bellotti)
#4 - The Best Online & Offline Business Opportunities (by Andrew Lantz)
#5 - The Fastest Way To Start A Business - The X Factor (by Jeremy Bellotti & Anik Singal)
#6 - Assets vs Liabilities (by Andrew Lantz)
#7 - Demystifying The Stock Market (by Andy Tanner)
#8 - An Email List As An Asset? (by Anik Singal)
#9 - Building Your Success Team (by Jeremy Bellotti)

Day 2 (10th Dec 2017) - Creating Systems To Make You More Money: 
#10 - Success Is Simple (by Jeremy Bellotti)
#11 - Profit From Real Estate... The Rich Dad Way! (by Rebert's Real Estate Investing Coaches)
#12 - The Opportunity In Bitcoin (by Max Wright)
#13 - How To Leverage The Global Economy To Develop A Business (by Fred Lam)
#14 - The Power of Soft Assets (by Andrew Lantz)
#15 - The Tax Savings of Becoming An Investor & Entrepreneur (by Tom Wheelwright)
#16 - How To Protect Your Assets (by Garrett Sutton)
#17 - The Power Of Contribution (by Anik Singal)

Noticed that some of the topics might not be relevant or applicable to non-US environment (like #15) but generally these are quite a wide spectrum of coverage, they even include the topic on Bitcoin which is kind of a buzz at the moment. 

Note : One very important advantage of such virtual submit is that even if we cannot commit 2 full-days to watch the live presentations, all recordings will be provided for replay at our own leisure.

Of course, such virtual summit might not be appealing to all but if you are interested to find out more, click here


P/S: I will be skipping one cup of Yakun kopi siew dai and join in the fun, virtually! Will you? :-)  


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