Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Crypterium : My First ICO Purchase Experience with Coinbase

After I've sold a portion of my Lifecoin last week with a minion size of realized profit (SGD250), I've decided to "re-invest" a portion of my profit (SGD200) in an ICO (Initial Coins Offering) as an experience. 

As a Blockchain enthusiast, after gotten my hand dirty with some cryptocurrencies purchase (Ether and Litecoin), my next experience is to get my hand dirty in an ICO purchase.   

Out of the many LIVE ICOs, I've chosen Crypterium for the following reason:
1. Its vision/solution is huge enough to be one of the major cryptobank (in cryptoecosystem) in the near future, hence scalability.  
2. Its team members comprises with experienced Fintech leaders/experts especially in the digital payment solutions space.
3. Its Token (CRPT) has a lifetime limit of 300 millions (hence, if it took off well, I foresee that the demand will outweigh the supply in the long run).
4. Its underlying technology is Ethereum Blockhcain (based on smart contract ERC20 token) - I am a fan of Ethereum. 

This being my first ICO, I only "invest" my free casino money (SGD 200) which I prepared to lose ALL. This translated into 77.46 CRPT Coins (including 3% bonus, this bonus offer is on-going till 25th December 2017). 

In general, you can purchase the Crypterium ICO via Bitcoins, Ether, Litecoin and a bunch of other altcoins as well as the fiat currencies via VISA/Master. As I am an existing user of Coinbase and are familiar with its interface, I decided to purchase SGD 200 worth of Litecoins (via Coinbase) and send my SGD200 worth of Litecoins to Crypterium account directly. It took me about 10 minutes for the whole transaction to went through. 

Why Litecoins? I read somewhere that comparatively, Litecoins' transaction time is faster than Bitcoins or Ethereum.   

So, what's next? Nothing actually! For now, just need to wait for the ICO to be completed by 13 Jan 2018 (or earlier if the token issue cap is reached) and distribution of the tokens by be conducted by 25th Jan 2018. Afterwhich, the Token will be activated and trade-able in the selected major exchanges.    

If you are interested to find out more of Crypterium, you can check out here or read their White Paper.   

What is your ICO experience so far? 


NOTE: This is just a sharing of my ICO experience and not a recommendation, do your own due diligent when investing in cryptocurrency


  1. Can bitcoins be WILLed as an assets for our dependents?

    1. CW8888 : good question! I think theoretically it should be able to, but practically the dependents need to get hold of the credentials of the wallets before they can access to the $, so, a bit tricky.. lol

    2. I think you would have to leave your lawyer your sign in credentials and your wills should say have many tokens are in the account. Otherwise, you are counting on your inheritors to be able to contact your wallet and set up a transfer. That would be difficult

    3. Hi Tim Parr, thanks for the sharing. I guess the key question is whether the individual is comfortable enough to share the wallet credentials with the lawyer? lol

  2. good sharing...also sharing my own experience here:

    1. Hi Qrypto Lion : Thanks for your sharing, looks like you gotten into the
      crypto game quite early.

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