Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SOLD My First Cryptocurrency - Litecoin

Exactly one month ago, I bought my first cryptocurrency (Ethereum) and one week after that I bought my second cryptocurrency (Litecoin). 

In general, the cryptocurrencies are still in the bull trend now (at least to me) but the volatility is still fast and furious, double digits up or down within a day is very common. However, as "invested" amount are only in the hundreds and I make sure that these are my casino money (i.e. money that I am prepared to loss all). 

Today, I've decided to release a portion of my Litecoin to cash out all my casino money (initial cost of SGD750+) while leaving the balance (around SGD900+ at the time of writing) in my account as FREE money. 

In summary, I've made a modest 37% realized profit (within one month). more details as per following:

The reason why I sell Litecoin instead of Ethereum is because I personally view that Ethereum has much more rooms to go (comparatively) and Litecoin has been shooting to the roof in the past few days and hence decided to take the profit first. Who knows, I might enter/accumulate more at a later date when correction happens. 


NOTE: Do you due diligent when "investing" in cryptocurrency. 


  1. But I'm waiting for Litecoin to hit $1000 leh LOL.

    1. Hahaha, I think Ether will hit $1k Mark first.. but I thought u have sold some of ur Litecoins too?

  2. Very interesting experience you have shared in this post. I think this will be very useful for the readers and your fan-followers. Yeah, cryptocurrency is still very trendy and growing condition. Really the popularity of digital currency is increasing day after day and there are so many guys are willing to invest in cryptocurrency. Glad to know about Litecoin. I am not sure what's the stats of your money. Again, I agree with you that inspite of having the fast process of increasing money, here the market volatility is really considerable before investing. Thank you very much for your great share.


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